Mezzanine - Production Studio

Mezzanine Studio is a small recording and production studio, with natural daylight in the control room and a 10 m2 drum and guitar booth, a nice collection of vintage keyboards and guitars and high end recording gear.

Located 15 mn away from the center of Paris.

The studio's emphasis is on a high quality signal chain and monitoring setup. The aim being to propose recordings of a quality rivaling much bigger studios but at a very affordable price. Add to this the expertise and ears of in house musician/producer Jean Gillet , who can provide entire backing tracks with drums /guitars/ Bass and the availability of additional top session musicians if needed,

you have everything you need for producing great quality recordings.

Please message us for hourly minimums and day rates prior to booking.

Studio Type:
Rehearsal Studio
Home/Project Studio
Mid Level Studio
Top Line Studio
Podcast Studio
Services Available :
Audio Engineer Included
Audio Engineer (Additional Fee)
Other Services
Main Equipment: RECORDING: -Apple Mac Pro Intel Xeon quad core 2,6 GHZ, 12 gigabytes RAM -Lynx Aurora 8 converters with Adat + Lynx AES16e -Pro Tools 10, Cubase 6 , Logic Pro 8 -UAD 1 & UAD 2 duo DSP cards MICROPHONE PREAMPS: - Universal Audio 2108 2 channels - Tab Funkenwerk V78 X2 - A-Design Pacifica 2 channels - DAV Electronics BG-1 2 channels MICROPHONES: Condensers: -Microtech Gefell M92.1.s Valve Mic -Beyer Dynamic MC834 X 2 -Oktava MK012 X 4 -Audio Technica AT4033 -Oktava Michael Joly modified MK319 Dynamics: -Beyer M610 -Shure SM57 X 4 -Audix D2, D4, D6 -Electro Voice EV/868 -Audio Technica ATM25 Ribbons: -SE Electronics R1 Ribbon microphone X 2 -T-Bone RB500 Ribbon Mics X 2 MONITORING: -Tannoy Ellipse 8 -Yamaha HS50M -Avantone Mixcubes -Coleman Audio M3PH MK2 passive monitor controller -Sony MDR 7506 headphones -Beyer 770 Headphones -Presonus headphone amp GUITARS: Fender Bullet Deluxe USA 81 electric guitar, Fender Telecaster USA, Gretsch Electromatic, SR Guitares LesPaul Gibson J185 acoustic, Yamaha 12 strings acoustic (80s) Eastwood Classic 4 Hollow Body Bass, DiMavery Jazz Bass style. KEYBOARDS: Roland Jupiter 4 analog synth, Yamaha YC-45D combo organ Roland MKS-50 Analog rack Synth, Korg Polyphonic Ensemble, Micro-Korg, Doepfer Dark Energy analog monosynth, Korg MS-20, Yamaha RM1X groove box Yamaha CS-1X Yamaha Clavinova master Keyboard DRUMS: Yamaha Recording custom drum kit in 10,12,13,14 Bass drum 22x16 Slingerland Vintage 60’s Kit in 20,12,16 with matching snare Snare drum Ludwig Coliseum 14X8, Yamaha Oak Custom 14X5,5. Cymbals: Zildjian K custom Medium ride 20", K custom 16" dark crash, Istanbul Mehmet thin crash 18", Paiste 404 Ride Zildjian K/Z 14" hats. AMPLIFIERS: Ashdown MAG300H bass amp head with Ashdown 4X10 Cabinet, Fender HotRod Deluxe, Fender Super-sonic 2X12 cabinet VOX AC15 made in UK (early 90’s) . Novanex Start , tiny guitar amp. ANALOG FX PEDALS:
Amenities: Lounge area, court yard with bbq..
Listing created Jun 27, 2015