Alexander Recording Kompany

The Alexander Recording Kompany is a full-service recording studio in Ames, Iowa. We’re dedicated to providing polished, professional recording, mixing, and production to musicians and businesses.

From our 500+ sq. ft. live recording room, to our sleek, professionally equipped control room, the visual and acoustic design of our studio has consistently wowed customers from the moment they step through the door.

Whether you're rocking in a five-piece band, rapping to backing track, or just playing our baby grand piano, the A.R.K can provide everything you need make a killer record. Not only can we engineer your sound, but our talented producers can help you develop it from the ground up, and our stable of studio musicians can even come in to give your acoustic track the full-band treatment.

Studio Type:
Rehearsal Studio
Home/Project Studio
Mid Level Studio
Top Line Studio
Podcast Studio
Main Equipment: Pro Tools 10 & 11 (many plugins), C|24 Control Surface, Genelec 1031A (2) monitors, Antelope Orion 32 interface, Avalon VT-737sp Tube Compressor/EQ, Focusrite ISA428 MkII preamp, Neumann TLM-103, Shure SM-7B, Audix CX212B, high-quality guitar and amplifier collection, Wurlitzer Baby Grand, 6-piece Mapex Saturn Series Kit, multiple snares and more.
Amenities: Equipment and gear is provided. We are located in a house so all amenities of a home are included: HUE Colored Lighting, lava lamps, Wi-Fi, guest lounge, water, soda, restrooms, TV, Xbox, and more. Limited parking is available out back for clients and approved guest.
Past Clients: Matt Woods, Fred Love, The Colt Walkers, Al Clarke, The Fightin Side, Identity, Mississippi Jake & the Bootleggers Orchestra, The Wire Frames, Andy Anderson Live, Kris Clarke, Keith McCaulley and many more
Listing created Jun 9, 2015