Barn Productions

Barn Productions is a career incubator for independent artists. We work closely with performers, writers and managers to create outstanding musical products, as well as distinct, professional branding for our artists. We then launch artists into the music industry by seeking opportunities in licensing, publishing and record deals, both independent and major.

Barn Productions facility is suitable for pre-production, overdubs, mixing and mastering. We are hired for our expertise, not our gear. We deliver professional, radio-ready results. Rather than tell you, we prefer you hear for yourself; visit the SoundCloud link below.

We prefer to work on a flat-rate per project basis, not hourly. This allows us and our artists have the time needed to create the best possible product.

Services we offer:

- Artist development: full production + branding & marketing

- Tracking

- Mixing

- Mastering

- Professional musician services for recording: drums, bass, guitar

- Musical arrangements: strings/horns/orchestral scores, vocal arrangements

Rates vary depending on the specs of each project. Inquiry for more details or a free quote!

Studio Type:
Rehearsal Studio
Home/Project Studio
Mid Level Studio
Top Line Studio
Podcast Studio
Services Available :
Audio Engineer Included
Audio Engineer (Additional Fee)
Other Services
Main Equipment: 2014 iMac (2.7 GHz i5, 16GB RAM, Dual Screen) • Software: Pro Tools 10 & 11, Logic Pro 9 & X, Reason 5, Sibelius 7 • FX Processors (Plug-Ins): Waves, IK Multimedia, McDSP, SoundToys, Antares, Melodyne, Sonnox, iZotope, Focusrite, BombFactory, Softube, BrainWorx • Avid Digi 002 Control Surface • • • • Focusrite Mic Pres (16-track simultaneously) • Microphones: SM57 (4), Beta 52, KSM27 (2), MXL990, MXL991 (2), AT4051 • Sennheiser Studio Headphones (6) • Studio Monitors: Yamaha 15”, American Acoustics 12”, Klipsch (Vintage) 5”, Bose RoomMate II 6", Bose Acoustimass 5.1 Surround • Crown XLS1000 DriveCore Power Amp • • • • Guitar: Fender Stratocaster HSS, Gibson Les Paul Standard (Double Cut), Epiphone Dreadnaught Acoustic, Cordoba Classical • Bass: Fender Jazz Bass, Gretsch JetBass • Drums: Ludwig Studio/Jazz Kit (Toms: 8”, 10”, 13”) • Cymbals: 20” Ride - Zildjian A Series, 14” Hi-Hat - Zildjian A Series (Vintage), 14” Crash - Sabian AXXPlosion, 16” Crash - Sabian AXXPlosion • Percussion: Metal Shaker, Egg Shakers, Tambourine, Triangle, Maraca, Cymbal Mallets • Keys: Axiom 49 MIDI Controller, Harmonium
Amenities: Engineer Included • Refridgerator • Microwave • Coffemaker • Bar
Past Clients: Kobalt Music, Sony/ATV, Planet LA Records
Listing created Jun 8, 2015