Steve Thornely @ The Palace Studios

I specialise in scrupulous music production and development with all artists I work with. I help with songwriting, arranging, and production aesthetic through to release strategies and connecting with management/booking/publicity partners.

My goal is to create recordings unique to each artist, and position my clients for commercial success. My recordings have attracted great support from Triple J, and I can help make your music radio-ready.

I work from The Palace Studios in Salisbury, Brisbane. It's crammed with boutique instruments and recording gear, has a comfy couch, and vibe from over a decade of recording projects. Come in for a home brew and bad puns free of charge.

Corporate work:

Voiceover recording, audio editing for film/animation, and ad mixing. I've worked on feature-length documentaries, and have TV commercial clients including RACQ and Cooper Tires.

Please message me for hourly minimums and day rates prior to booking.

Studio Type:
Rehearsal Studio
Home/Project Studio
Mid Level Studio
Top Line Studio
Podcast Studio
Services Available :
Audio Engineer Included
Audio Engineer (Additional Fee)
Other Services
Main Equipment: DAWs: Protools 12 HD. Logic X. Ableton 9. | Plugins: UAD Quad with latest versions of every plugin. Thousands of dollars worth of other plugs. | Preamps/EQs: Wunder, Focusrite, Audiotronix, MCI, Harrison, UREI, Rola, Pultec (hand made), Shelter. Dynamics: Purple (1176), LA-2A (hand made), Symmetrix, Joe Meek.| Ampex ATR-700 tape machine. | Microphones: Neumann u87, Royer 122, OPR251s, OPR Grills, Audio Technica 4040, AKG414 (sweet original silver one), the usual dynamic mics, plus a whole bunch of vintage mics that are top secret. | Amps: 70s Marshal JMP, super old school class-A Gretch tube amp, Marshal JCM800, Traynor, more next door, just ask. | Instruments: Wurli, Rhodes, Yamaha Organ, old school air-compressor organ, glockenspiel, Korg Synths, melodica, 70's Les Paul, couple of custom Tele's, 90s Maton acoustic, 12 string, nylons, banjo, mandolin, percussion for days, guitar pedals for weeks, new toys everywhere you look.
Amenities: Parking, bathroom, fridge full of home brew, coffee/tea, couch. Brisbane's best sushi just up the road.
Past Clients: Meredith, Georgia Mae, Isabel, Jouk Mistrow, The Strums, O' Little Sister, Belltalk, Mirages...
Listing created May 23, 2015