31 West Studios - Hourly Rate $50!

Studio 31 West is a full service recording facility specializing in Tracking, Mixing, & Mastering. The Tracking Room features a Multi Room recording format which houses 5 Iso Booths, a Drum Room, and a Live Room. The Control Room, and each individual room is visible from every musicians perspective throughout the studio. This allows for FULL Band Tracking Sessions with Minimal Bleed.

31 West offers a Hybrid Approach to Tracking, Mixing, & Mastering services. This means that the use of both Analog and Digital gear are incorporated into the design providing the best of both worlds. Only the highest caliber Analog Mic Preamps are used for tracking which provides great Analog Depth and Detail to each recording. Pro Tools is used as a "Tape Machine" - Capturing the Magic from Your Fingertips and delivering them to Your Listeners Ears. This hybrid approach has proven to be a great way to work; it saves you time in the studio, provides the highest fidelity & can be recalled instantly (Saving Time & Money).

We are here for you and your music comes first! We know that budgets are tight and understand how expensive making a record can be. With that said, the quality of our studio, the gear, our engineers, and the vibe are worth the price of admission alone!

We prefer to look at the studio as both a place to work and a place to be creative. We strive to promote a healthy working environment by running our sessions at "normal" business hours. The studio is open from 10am-6pm Monday through Friday (But of course exceptions can be made)

Studio Type:
Rehearsal Studio
Home/Project Studio
Mid Level Studio
Top Line Studio
Podcast Studio
Services Available :
Audio Engineer Included
Audio Engineer (Additional Fee)
Other Services
Main Equipment: Hybrid Studio (Analog Racks w/ProTools DAW) - Only The highest End Mic Pres & Analog Gear, Large Selection of Tube Mics, Condensers, Ribbons,etc
Amenities: Full Service Recording Facility, 2 Bathrooms, Kitchen, Green Room, Offices for Your Use, etc
Past Clients: We don't kiss and tell - I want to work with you! Not brag about our Bad Ass clients (friends). Cause we are all friends, right!
Listing created May 18, 2015