512 Studios

This is a top of the line studio located in South Austin Texas, 5 mins from downtown.

Fully furnished with instruments and a 2" tape machine for the "analog buff". We run ProTools 9-11 on our systems.

Please message us for hourly minimum and day rates.

Studio Type:
Rehearsal Studio
Home/Project Studio
Mid Level Studio
Top Line Studio
Podcast Studio
Main Equipment: onsole & Monitors: Otari 32 Channel Analog Mixing Console-Concept 1 Otari 24 track 2″ MTR 90 Tape Machine Pro Tools 9 HD w/ Mac Pro 8 Core Over 400 Plug-ins including all the Producer Packs Genelec 1031A Bi-Amplified Main Monitors JBL 15″ LSR 4328P Subwoofer Yamaha Near Field Monitors with Subwoofer Mastering Workstation PC Computer Pro Tools 9 HD/Wavelab 7/T-Rax Yamaha Monitors 810s with Subwoofer Microphones: Manley Reference Cardioid Microphone Neumann U 87 Ai Set Z Bock U195 Cardioid Condenser Royer R-121 Ribbon Cascade Fathead II Stereo Pair Ribbon Superlux R102 MKII HF Ribbon AKG C 414 B-TL II/ST (2) AKG C 1000S Soundlux Lo Imp Bass Mic Sennheiser MD 421 II (7) Shure SM81 (2) Shure Beta 181S Condenser Shure Beta 52A Shure Beta 56A Shure 57 Shure sm 91 Kick PZM Shure SM7B EV Electro-Voice RE20 Audio-Technica 4040 Pre Amps/Comps/EQs: SSL X Rack Including: 2 – XR621 Pres 1 – XR625 EQ Silver 1 – XR 618 Dynamic Silver 1- XR 425 EQ Black 1- XR 418 Dynamic Black Avalon M5 Universal Audio LA-610 Mk II Universal Audio UA 2-610 S Empirical Labs EL8X Distressor Chameleon Labs Eq/Comp/Mic Pre Joemeek twinQ DBX Dual 1176 Comp/Limiter/EQ Urie 1176 LN Preamp Vintage FMR Pretty Nice Compressor PNC 1773 FMR PBC-6A’s Compressor (2) 500 Series Pres: Neve Portico 517 2- Vintech Audio 573 Purple Pre “Biz” API 525 Compressor JDK Audio V12 In-House Amps/Cabinets/Combo Amps: Marshall Vintage JMP 50 watt with 4×12 Cab VOX AC15C2 Custom “Twin” 15W 2×12″ Tube Combo Fender Deluxe 12″ Fender Twin Reverb-Amp Fender Vintage Bassman Amp THD Bi-Valve 30 Watt Tube Amp Mesa Boogie F100 Tube Amp Budda 30 watt Tube Combo Amp Bass Amps/Cabinets: Acoustic Bass Amp B600H Trace Elliot 600 Aguilar AG500 Bass Amp Gallien-Krueger 400KB David Eden 4×10 Ampeg 4×10 Trace Elliot 4×10 In-House Guitars: Gibson Les Paul Studio 88′ (w/ P-90’s) Gibson Flyin’ V Korina 85′ Gibson SG 94′ Fender Stratocaster 82′ Fender Telecaster Re-issue Fender Pawnshop Guitar Jerry Jones Baritone Guitar 97′ Epihone Classical Acoustic Guitar Ibanez Dolbro Epihone Les Paul (Elite model) Epihone SG Martin & Co DRS2 Acoustic Guitar Mandolin “The Epiphone” Ukulele Mitchell Ganjo Dean Basses: Fender Precision Bass (4-string) Fender Jazz Bass (4-string) Ibanez Semi Hollow Body 4-string Bass Ernie Ball Musicman (5-string) ESP Bass (5-string) Upright Double Bass 9′ (5-string) Epihone Acoustic Bass El Capitan (4-string) In-House Keyboards/Pianos: Vintage 73 Key Fender Rhodes Hammond B3 with Built-In Leslie Hammond M101 Novation 61 Keyboard Midi Piano Kawai Upright Piano K-Series In-House Drums: Drum Workshop 4 Piece (Kit Kick22, rack13, Flr 16) Rogers 5 Piece Kit Zildjian K hi-hats & Ride, Med Crashes,Splash Paiste China Boy,Splash Sabian Vault & Med Crashes DW 9000 Double Kick Pedals Snares: Ludwig Supraphonic Black Beauty Snare Drum 5.5×14 Drum Workshop Snare Drum 5×14 Ludwig 1978 Acrolite Snare Drum 6.5×14 Yamaha Oak Custom Snare Drum 5×14 Gretsch Catalina Club Snare Drum 6.5×14
Amenities: In studio meals by contract cook. Airport or hotel pick-up available.
Past Clients: Little Joe and La Familia, Dale Watson, Flaco Jimenez, Jackson Taylor and the Sinners, etc... to check out audio and more clients; www.omarvallejo.com and click on portfolio.
Listing created May 11, 2015