Soundevice Studio

Soundevice Studio is hi-end professional recording studio in Prague, Czech republic. Above all, our aim is to provide a creative and relaxed atmosphere where musicians can record with the comfort needed to achieve their desired results.

What makes Soundevice Studio stand out among the many recording facilities on offer today, are mainly three things:

Firstly, the sound of our recording room. The recording room adhere to the finest acoustic principles, providing a beautifully warm and crisp sound due to such detailed engineering when the interior was originally built. These acoustics help dramatically to give a great sound from the word “go” and provide an inspiring workspace that will help you to pursue your artistic vision.

Secondly, and no less important, the people who work at Soundevice Studio are experienced musicians themselves. We understand what it takes to get the right feeling for recording your music as well as the technical requirements to achieve the right sound. Our team of producers and audio engineers will always take the time to discuss exactly what is needed to suit your specific concept.

In the third place, it is unusual collection of vintage analog and digital equipment, especially microphones.

Studio Soundevice is based close to Prague City center and is easily reachable by public transport, but it also offers calm atmosphere and no problem with parking.

Unusual design together with great accoustic solution were planned with the idea to make the best sound possible.

We offer the best of analog and digital domain, best of vintage and modern world. Our philosophy is to make the best possible sound in the best atmosphere.


Protools 11 HD

Cubase pro 8

Large diagram condensers

2x Neumann U47 tube with VF14

1x Andreas Grosser Voxorama VS47

1x Neumann M49

1x Brauner VMX

2x AKG C12 Siemens version SM204

1xNeumann U67

2x AKG 414 EB with CK12 capsule

1x Neumann SM69

2x Neumann U87 (P48)

1x Lomo 19A19

Small diagram condensers

2x Neumann KM 84

2x Neumann KM 54

1x Neumann KM56

2x AKG C28

Ribbon mics

2xSandhill 6011A

2x Royer 122

2x EMI Abbey Road 337 Ribbon

2x AEA 84

1x Beyer M160

2x RCA 77DX

Dynamic mics

2x Beyer TG88

1x Beyer M 201

2x Sennheiser MD421

1x AKG D112

2x Shure SM57

1x Heil PR48

1x Heil PR20

1x EV RE20

1x AKG D12

1x Blue Ball

other outboard:


1x EMI REDD.47 - Beatles preamp Abbey Road

4xHeritage 8173


C1xranesong Flamingo

1x Thermionic culture Rooster

2xAPI 3124


1x Eventide 7000

1x Lex PCM 92

1x Lex PCM 70

1x EMT 251

1x AKG BX15

1x Roland RE 301

1x Binson Echorec

1x AKG BX25


1x Fairchild 670

1x UA 1176

1xTeletronix LA2A

2x Neve 2254A

1x EL Fatso

1x SSL G compressor in Xrack

Studer A807 TAPE

SSL Xrack 24 channels summing

UAD-2 quad all plugins

SSL Duende Plugins

Melda Plugins

Slate Plugins

Waves Plugins

Eventide Plugins


KH O300

Geithain RL 906

Yamaha NS10


Hearback personal monitor system 4x

Please send us a message for more info, hour minimums, and day rates.

Studio Type:
Rehearsal Studio
Home/Project Studio
Mid Level Studio
Top Line Studio
Podcast Studio
Services Available :
Audio Engineer Included
Audio Engineer (Additional Fee)
Other Services
Main Equipment: Neumann, Neve, AKG,SSL, API
Amenities: Accommodation upon request 7 min walk in close hotel or hostel
Past Clients: Ewa Farna,Kärtsy Hatakka,Krystof and many many more...
Listing created Apr 30, 2015