Goldtop Recording Studio

Electric recordings for special performances.

Goldtop Recording Studio is located two minutes from Tooting Bec tube station.

We offer our services for mixing, tracking, overdubbing and location recording.

Here is the long list of our gear:


Audient ASP-8024 (36 Channel In-line desk)


(2) iZ RADAR 24 (48 track playback)


ProTools 10 with R.M.E. FireFace800


Tannoy PBM 6.5 II Monitors

Tannoy Little Red Monitors

Quested Large Studio Monitors

Dynamic Processors

54F50 Stereo Compressor/Limiter (Neve clone)

Chandler Limited TG 1 Stereo Compressor/Limiter

Summit Audio TLA-100A Valve Compressor

Valley People 221 Dynamite Compressor

DBX 165A Compressor/Limiter (2x)

DBX 160A Compressor/Limiter (2x)

BSS DPR402 Compressor/Limiter/de-esser

BSS DRP901 Multiband Compressor

DBX 902 De-Esser (3x)

Drawmer DS201 Gate/Ducker

Alesis 3630 Stereo Compressor/Limiter (4x)

Dolby System A-type Noise Reduction (2x)

Effects Processors

EMT 140 Stereo Reverberation Plate

Bel BD-80 Delay

Yamaha D1500 Delay

T.C. Electronics M-One Dual Effects

T.C. Electronics Flashback Delay Guitar Pedal

T.C. Electronics Hall of Fame Reverb Guitar Pedal

Roland SDE-330 Dimensional Effects

Roland SDE-3000 Delay


2x Summit Audio EQF-100 Valve EQ

TL Audio Parametric Valve EQ

Microphone Preamplifiers

API 3124+ 4 channel.

Audient ASP008 8 channel

Neumann v476b (2)

TLA EQ2 2 channel

Ribbon Microphones

1x AEA 44

1x RCA 77

Condenser Microphones

2x AKG C 414 B-ULS

2x Neumann U87ai

1x Mojave MA200 valve

2x BeyerDymanic MC 930

1x Milab DC96B

Dynamic Microphones

3x Shure Beta 57

2x Shure SM57

4x Shure Beta 58

1x Shure SM58

2x Shure SM7

2x Electro Voice N/D 857B

2x AKG D 190 C

2x BeyerDymanic M 201 TG

2x Realistic PZM

1x Shure Beta 52

1x AKG D12


Korg M1R

Roland Super JV-1080


1960s Ludwig Drum Set

Nord Electro 3 keyboard

Ensoniq TS-12 Keyboard

Weber Baby Grand Piano

1950s Wurlitzer Electric Piano

Bergerault Vibes with Tremolo

Baldwin 6 string semi-acoustic prototype

Baby Martin Acoustic Guitar

Danelectro Baritone Guitar

Fender Precision Bass 1969

Epiphone "El Capitan" acoustic bass guitar

Harmony Semi Acoustic Bass Reissue

Glockenspiel (2x)


Fender Pro Junior

Fender Deluxe Reverb Reissue

Original Hammond Leslie Amp

Marshall JCM-900 Head with Cab

Please send us a message for more info, hour minimums, and day rates.

Studio Type:
Rehearsal Studio
Home/Project Studio
Mid Level Studio
Top Line Studio
Podcast Studio
Services Available :
Audio Engineer Included
Audio Engineer (Additional Fee)
Other Services
Main Equipment: EMT 140, Audient Console, iZ RADAR Recorders, RME FireFace800, API, Neumann, URIE, Chandler Limited, Summit, DBX,n, AKG,
Amenities: We have a kitchen and a large lounge plus The Wheatsheaf Pub & a Travel Lodge in Balham
Past Clients: Nick Lowe, Eleni Mandell, Geraint Watkins, Henri Herbert, The Hillbilly Moon Explosion, Sterling Roswell, Angie Polluck, Tanita Tikkaram, My Darling Clementine, Smith & The Honey Badgers,
Listing created Apr 28, 2015