Studio Ra. Goa, INDIA

Studio Ra is a music creation paradise. Located on two acres of lush forest land, with its own kitchen, bathroom, outdoor patio, and roof-top terrace, its a musician and producers dream bubble. For those who like to live where they work, we also have an enchanting villa / rooms that are available. If you ever need to take a break and relax, the outdoor courtyards, gardens, and secluded jungle swimming pool will do wonders in revitalizing your creativity!

Studio Ra was made with one vision in mind: A creative work space designed to be the perfect production environment for a wide range of work. Music production ranging from electronic dance music to film scores, live instrument recording, voice recording, its a great studio for live bands, and its also ideal for solo producers.

The state of the art equipment, software, acoustics, and studio setup plan has been carefully selected and designed keeping three basic things in mind:

High quality performance. Diversity. Flexibility

Studio Ra was built from scratch. No shortcuts using constructed space that was already available. The studio and its accessories were all designed with YOU in mind, and built from the ground up. The Studio design and acoustic design has been done by the legendary Munro Acoustics, so you can be sure that all our energy put into the best gear, and all your energy put into your best work, will be heard properly, and in the best acoustically treated environment possible!

Studio Ra is the first pro music production & recording studio in Goa. Its time to take advantage of this beautiful place and extract all you can out of it!

Please send us a message for more info, hour minimums, and day rates.

Studio Type:
Rehearsal Studio
Home/Project Studio
Mid Level Studio
Top Line Studio
Podcast Studio
Services Available :
Audio Engineer Included
Audio Engineer (Additional Fee)
Other Services
Main Equipment: Acoustic Design : Munro Acoustics Control Room: 18.5 feet x 12 feet. (200 Sq Ft) // 6 meters x 4 meters. (24 Sq meters) Recording Room: 9 feet x 12 feet. (100 Sq Ft) // 3 meters x 4 meters. (12 Sq meters) 8 Core Mac Pro (Two 2.4 Quad-Core Intel Xeon, westmner processor 6GB RAM, 1Tb HDD, ATI radion HD 577 with 1GB GDDR 5 18x Super Drive) Cubase 5 Logic 9 Ableton 8.1 Reason Yamaha DM 1000 Mixing Desk Adams SX4-H Monitor Speakers (active) SSL Pre-amps. Alpsha channel strips (2) M-Audio Axiom Pro 49 midi controller/keyboard Microphones: Neuman U-87, AKG C414 (2), Sure Sm 57(2), Sure Sm 58(2) Behringer Headphone distribution amp K&M Overhead Mic Stand K&M Telescopic Boom Mic Stand (3) K&M Microphone stand (2) Additional gear / instruments can be rented upon requirement. Wi-Fi Internet Power Safe 5000 : Full studio electrical power stabilization UPS Backup power.
Amenities: Audio Engineer included in the fee. Kitchen & small dining area, shower & toilet, outdoor patio, rooftop terrace
Past Clients: Tiga, Bauchklang, Shpongle, Tristan Avalon, Prem Joshua, Kitayah, Dust, Super Delux, Sandunes, Suraj Jagan, Aphid Moon, Goatika, and many more
Listing created Apr 26, 2015