LaMasiaMusic Lab


Located in a XVII Century traditional catalan house the studio offers unique conditions for bands, musicians, producers and sound engineers.

Surrounded by a Natural Reserve located in the countryside outside Barcelona, La Masia becomes the best place to compose and produce your record.

The Studio:

The Studio has three main recording rooms next to the Control Room. These can be used for live recording sessions were having a clean and dry sound of each instrument is the main aim.

The house becomes a new studio itself when looking for bigger sounds and variable acoustics. It's main recording room has almost a 9 meter ceiling and the stone and wood

elements in it provides a unique acoustic. Reverb time changes from 1 to 2 seconds depending on where placing the instrument; great for drums, percussion, strings and piano recordings.

Next to our house room 1 there's rooms 2 and 3 with longer reverbs and endless recording possibilities due to the construction peculiarities in each of these rooms.


Up to 7 double bedrooms and a large dining room and kitchen make the studio a perfect place for bands to relax and enjoy the stay.


Price includes sound engineer and accommodation.

We can also provide catering services and transfers from Barcelona Airport which are not included in the price.

Please message for more info, hour minimum, and also day rates.

Studio Type:
Rehearsal Studio
Home/Project Studio
Mid Level Studio
Top Line Studio
Podcast Studio
Services Available :
Audio Engineer Included
Audio Engineer (Additional Fee)
Other Services
Main Equipment: Digidesign C24 running PTools 10 and Logic X. SSL XLogic MADI Converter. Amek Neve 9098 (x2), Universal Audio 6176, SSL Alpha VHD Pre (x 4), Universal Audio 710 Twin Finity (x 2), Avalon 737, Focusrite C 24 (x 16), Api 2500 Stereo Bus, Compressor DBX, 166 X Compresor (x2), DBX 163 Compresor (x2), TLAudio 5021 stereo compressor, DBX 162VU stereo compressor, WEM copycat analog tape delay
Past Clients: Dorian, Mine!, The Capaces, Marujita, Wild Lush, Eduardo Pla, Fantástico Hombre Bala (FHB), Leila, Dani Barladés & The XXX Band, The Johnny Freelance Experience, Ana Rossi, Paulinho Lemos, Noko Woi, Natsuko Sugao, UNA, Trialogue, The Vanguard Trio, Eduardo Pla, Shiva Sound, Jorge Pensi.... and much more!
Listing created Apr 15, 2015