Le Flot

A very nice place to record in good conditions. Huge living room, bedrooms, garden, sunlight in the studio...

Extremely close to Paris

Price includes sound engineer he is a trained musician and has a scientific background. English speaker as well.

Live Room with daylight

Additional Control Room

Additional Recording Booth

A lot of backline and instruments Available

Logic Pro and Pro Tools

Dynaudio speakers (as well as yamaha and KRK)

Handmade preamps (Neve and API clones)

Tube preamps

RME interface

Roland Chorus Echo RE-501

Mics: RE20,MD421,Beta52a,SM57,Violet Design The Wedge,Revox...

Amps: vintage Fender Twin Reverb, VOX AC30, Mesa Boogie 5:25, Peavey Classic 30, marshall tube combo and stack...

Guitars: Fenders, Gibsons, Custom handmade...

Keyboards: Fender Rhodes, DX100, Philicorda, Piano...

Drums: Tama Rockstar, African Percussions...

Other: Banjo, Sitar...

And a bunch of other stuff

The studio is part of an artistic non profit organisation. That explain the ridiculous price. It's all about the music and the people.

Please message us for more info, hourly minimums, and for day rates.

Studio Type:
Rehearsal Studio
Home/Project Studio
Mid Level Studio
Top Line Studio
Podcast Studio
Services Available :
Audio Engineer Included
Audio Engineer (Additional Fee)
Other Services
Main Equipment: Computer with handmade preamps (Neve and API clones) and good microphones.
Amenities: Living Room and Garden. Kitchen and Bedrooms available on demand.
Past Clients: Sébastien Giniaux et le Balkan Project, Kalle Gustafsson and Peter Von Poehl, La Classe, Boréal, La Tendre Émeute, Polaires, L'Éscale, Fuoco E Cenere...
Listing created Apr 10, 2015