Boutique, Laboratory Studio in Notting Hill

High end gear. High end Sound.

Located in westbourne park, walking distant to portobello’s restaurants, bars, and shops.

Great atmosphere, the studio has racks of classic vintage synths, most notably an Arp 2600, Juno 60, SH09, Wurlitzer, MS10, Philicorda, Farfisa, Elektron Analog Keys & Analog Rytm, a beautiful sounding Beinchstein Upright Piano and many more.

There is also lots of vintage Guitars & Bass including a 67 Mustang, Les Paul Goldtop 73, Gibson acoustic 1950, Hofner Violin bass 1968, Harmony H73, Silvertone & Wem Westminster amps.

Heaps of highly collectible effects and pedals include original Roland Space Echo, Maxson Limiter, Chandler EMI Tg2 x 2, Neve 1073, API 512, Ampex 601 and many more.

The studio also has a sizeable collection of vintage & modern microphones, including Neumann M7, Brauner VM1, RCA 74b, AKG D12, Beyer M160 & M88, Shure 520d, modded 57 x 2, beta 87, SM7, Melodynamic 75a, PYE, etc…

There is plenty of percussions, a Slingerland 1968 drum kit, an African marimba and lots of inspiring toys.

Studio Type:
Rehearsal Studio
Home/Project Studio
Mid Level Studio
Top Line Studio
Podcast Studio
Services Available :
Audio Engineer Included
Audio Engineer (Additional Fee)
Other Services
Main Equipment: Keys & drum machines : beinchstein piano, wurlitzer, korg ms-10, korg ms200b, roland sh09, roland juno 60, roland juno 2, arp 2600, farfisa matador, philicorda, elektron analog keys, oberkorn 3, elektron analog rytm, casio sk5, omnichord, teenage engineering op-1, korg drm-1, yamaha tx81z, simmons clap trap, yamaha ds55, korg ddd5, m-audio axiom 49, m-audio axiom 25, native Instruments Maschine mikkro, Guits, Bass, Amps & Pedals : fender mustang 67, hofner violin bass 68, harmony h73, lakland bass, fender precision bass, ashbury mandolin, les paul goldtop deluxe 1973, gibson b-25 accoustic, silvertone twin twelve, wem westminster, electro harmonix big muff, death by audio octave clang, pro co the rat, death by audio fuzz war, mxr dynacomp Drums : slingerland 1964 drum kit, ludwig black beauty, Vintage & modern cymbals Microphones & pres : Brauner VM1, Neumann M7, Akg 451e, Beyerdynamic m160, Beyerdynamic m88, Rca 74b junior velocity, Akg d112, Akg d12, Pye westminster / cambridge Shure 520d, Melodynamic 75a, Akg d19, Shure beta 87, Beyer m80, Akg d202, Ers echo mic Bing carbon, Shure sm57 x2, Shure sm7, Sennheiser hd600, Api lunchbox with Neve 1073lb, Api 512c, chandler emi tg2-500 x 2 Retro doublewide, Alice 828 mixer, Ampex 601. Outboard : studer b62 1/4 inch, roland chorus echo SRE555, maxson limiter, spl transient designer, Aphex aural exciter, dbx 163x, yamaha e1010, alesis microverb 2, little labs pcp, boss sx700, roland gp-8. Computer & Speakers : apple mac pro apple hd cinema display, uad quad appollo with thunderbolt, uad twin thunderbolt, genelec 1030a with sub, yamaha ns10, krk v8, quad 405-2 Other : gemini pmx18, kenton pro solo mk2, kenton pro dcb, technics sl1210 mk2 b
Amenities: kitchen
Past Clients: Charli XCX, Mikky Ekko, Marianne Faithfull, Placebo, X-Factor, Ed Harcourt, Nicola Roberts, Mnek, Paloma Faith, Cathy Dennis, The Veronicas, Carl Barat, etc…
Listing created Mar 11, 2017