The Velveteen Laboratory

The Velveteen Laboratory is located in Los Feliz, off of Hillhurst Ave, walking distant to restaurants, bars, and shops.

The studio has racks of classic vintage guitars, most notably 1960’s Gibsons, Fenders, Martins, and Silvertones, amps galore ranging from Vox, Marshall, Top Hat, Supros, and half a dozen Fenders. Heaps of highly collectible effects include original Foxx Tone Machines, Maestro Fuzztones, rare early Electro-Harmonix pedals, a Roland Space Echo, 2 Maestro Echoplexes, and dozens of contemporary pedals. Session ace, Roger Joseph Manning Jr (Beck, Air, Jellyfish, Moog Cookbook) moved his entire museum quality synthesizer and piano collection into the Velveteen Laboratory on permanent loan. The collection has pieces ranging from rare 60s combo organs, to early Moogs and Arps, to classic electric pianos.

Studio Type:
Rehearsal Studio
Home/Project Studio
Mid Level Studio
Top Line Studio
Podcast Studio
Services Available :
Audio Engineer Included
Audio Engineer (Additional Fee)
Other Services
Main Equipment: Please visit for complete gear list:
Amenities: AC, private bathroom, refrigerator, coffee bar, parking and security alarm
Past Clients: The New Pornographers, Sloan, Teddy and Linda Thompson, Emitt Rhodes, Papa, Pearl Charles, Elle Belle, Glass Tiger, Dan Mangan, The Soft Swells, Roger Joseph Manning, Jr., Cullen Omori
Listing created Feb 6, 2017