Russian Recording - Bloomington, Indiana

Russian Recording is an analog and digital recording studio owned and operated by Mike Bridavsky. The studio is located in downtown Bloomington, IN and provides a unique, creative and relaxed environment ideal for recording, mixing and mastering music of any style or genre.

Russian Recording has provided production, recording, mixing and mastering services to over 500 local, regional, national and international artists since 2003. We take pride in being able to provide an extremely high level of recording quality in a comfortable and stress-free environment with unprecedented dedication to reliability, efficiency and commitment for any type of musician, band and label.

The studio is home to a comprehensive assortment of modern and vintage recording equipment and musical instruments. At the heart of the studio is a fully refurbished 1975 Sphere Eclipse Alpha Series II 24 channel, 16 buss mixing console, paired with an extensive collection of high-end outboard compressors, preamps, EQs and microphones. We also have a generous selection of instruments, including dozens of guitars, basses, and amplifiers, and a wide variety of keyboards, drum sets and acoustic instruments, including a new grand piano.

The studio consists of three tracking rooms; a spacious live room (23'x28'x17'), a live isolation room (10'x11'x13.5') and a dead isolation room (9'x10'x12'). Each room has been acoustically treated and has its own distinct sound, providing a wide variety of sonic options, from huge and live to tight and dry. The control room (13'x16'x11.5') is a spacious and acoustically neutral listening environment with plenty of natural light. We also have a roomy lounge with a kitchenette, wide flat screen television, video games and ample couch space.

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Rehearsal Studio
Home/Project Studio
Mid Level Studio
Top Line Studio
Podcast Studio
Services Available :
Audio Engineer Included
Audio Engineer (Additional Fee)
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Main Equipment: 1972 Sphere Eclipse 24 x 16 Console, Burl Mothership A/D/A, Otari MX-80 2" 16/24 Track, Thermionic Culture, John Hardy, Neve, Neumann, Lomo
Amenities: Acoustically treated 28' x 23' Live Room with 17' ceilings, hardwood floor. Acoustically treated 11' x 10' Live Isolation Room with 13.5' ceilings and hardwood floors. Acoustically Dead 9' x 10' Isolation Booth with 12' ceiling. Beautiful Control Room with a fully refurbished Sphere Eclipse, 2" Tape, ProTools and Samplitude. Large lounge with kitchenette and TV. Band Dorm room with 5 beds.
Past Clients: Half Japanese, Lil BUB, Built to Spill, Tig Notaro, Magnolia Electric Co, Andrew WK, Kelley Deal, Thurston Moore, Rogue Wave, Mac Demarco, Murder By Death, Saintseneca
Listing created Mar 8, 2016