NJ Sound Studio


*Audio Recording

With decades of experience, NJ Sound can give your music project a boost with our talented staff and amazing acoustical environment. Let us show you how to create a top-quality audio sound recording today!

- Mastering

Our team of engineers can master your stems creating broadcast quality mixes.

- Analog Summing

Do you have a project you recorded 100% digital? Run it through our Amek Big console to get the warmth and sound quality only at NJ Sound.

- Voice-Overs

Do you need to create a voice-over? Look no further. Our studio is perfect for all voice-over recordings.

- Live Sessions

Do you want to capture your live performance? NJ Sound can record you and also capture video from our fixed studio cameras. This is a great way to capture your live performance with high fidelity.

* Video

- In-Studio Recording

Are you recording a new track for your band, solo project, or anything else and you'd like to have some video to help promote it? We will spend a day with you in the studio recording the track. We will record the entire process from beginning to end and get the edited footage back to you to accompany the new track. This can help your fans and industry eyes connect with you in a visual platform that they normally do not get to see.

- Live Session Recording

An artist's live performance can be the difference between a great act and a timeless act. Our session recording feature full audio recording of any instruments, samples and vocals. The recording will be mixed down and a three-camera video will accompany the finished project to ensure that every moment within the performance is captured.

- Music Video

Today, visual accompaniment is not only expected but also necessary for an up-and-coming artist or band to get his/her name recognized. We offer full-scale music video production, and we are here to work with you. Bring us an idea, and we will bring it to life. We are also very flexible with our music video budget because it all truly depends on what you want.

- Documentary Film

We believe in telling great stories, and many times they come from actual events, places and people. At Uplift Films, we tell stories that we feel deserve to be told. Documentary allows us to get inside the heads of others and understand the world through their eyes. It is always fascinating to be reminded that reality can be more unbelievable than fiction.

- Narrative Film

Imagination is a terrible thing to waste. That is why we bring ideas to life. Our dedicated team creates stories that make you think while gripping the edge of your seat. Our goal is that viewers will walk away with not only a critique, but with also a feeling of discovery. We wish to inspire people with our films and create a community through the messages they provide.

- Character Spotlight

Meeting exciting new people is something we all love. Our spotlights will introduce you to people who excel at being exceptional. We seek out and promote people we believe deserve to be heard and spoken about.

- Commercial

Do you have a project or product that needs some visual flair? A great advertisement can generate huge amounts of interest! We make professional quality commercials for products, businesses and anything else you would like to promote.

- Green Screen

Our studio is equipped with green screens, and you can use our space to record your web shows using the green screens or our fantastic brick and wood design. We can produce television commercials, web broadcasts and more! Contact us today to find out how we can help you with your next project!

* Photography

- Head shots

- Promotional

- Live Concert

* Events

There are moments in life we like to remember. When Uplift Films records your event we make sure it will not be forgotten. We offer a full video recap of the event, capturing all aspects from the entertainment to the the guests to most importantly, the person that brought us all together. We also bring photographers and depending on your needs, we can organize the entire event from top to bottom. An event planned by Uplift Films will become a cherished memory you can relive again and again.

* Graphic Design/Animation

We do everything in house, and our team of graphic designers and animators will create a lasting production that meets your requirements.

* Web

We have been using and working on the Internet since 1991, and we can create a complete package for your band that stands out. Our staff will sit down and talk with you and create a stunning web presence. We will then promote it to over 300,000 people on social media, including hundreds of indie radio stations that play music just like yours.

* Print

We compile a yearly magazine with all acts that use services at NJ Sound and then distribute it to major labels, A&R reps, and DJs around the world. Try our services today and find out why NJ Sound is your complete

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Main Equipment: Pro Tools 12.5, Amek Big 44 Channel analog console, Orion32, API, NEVE, Vintech, Chandler pres
Amenities: Green Room , refrigerator
Past Clients: Dollys, Little Ricky, Hana, Alec, Peace Dept.,Emilie Schattman, Zee Andrews, Fertile Soil
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