Big Bad Sound

**Price Includes Engineer**

Our control room offers a hybrid approach, making full use of the 24-channel SSL AWS 900 console and vintage NEVE BCM10 sidecar, along with outboard gear from the names of BAE, API, Pultec, Shadow Hills, Melcor, Empirical Labs, Universal Audio and many more. The control room was designed for sonic accuracy with custom treated and fabric-lined walls for a recording experience of the highest class and comfort played back on our Focal Trio6be monitor system.

We have the ability to run completely analog with our Otari MX-5050 ½” 8-track machine and MCI ½” 2-track machine, along with our analog preamps, EQs, compressors, and effects processors, or take a hybrid/digital approach for that vintage, analog sound at a modern convenience. Digitally, we run Pro ToolsHD 10 and 11 with and HDX card and 32IO of Lynx Aurora converters, and offer a multitude of in-the-box tools such as Universal Audio UAD-2 platform, Waves, Sound Toys, Native Instruments, Soft Tube, and more.

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Rehearsal Studio
Home/Project Studio
Mid Level Studio
Top Line Studio
Podcast Studio
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Audio Engineer Included
Audio Engineer (Additional Fee)
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Main Equipment: SSL AWS900 Console, vintage NEVE BCM10 console For a complete gear list please visit :
Amenities: Large Outdoor Deck/Lounge Area, Full kitchen, Indoor lounge with cable and Nintendo Wii, close proximity to many local restaurants on Sunset Blvd.
Past Clients: Rancid, Tim Armstrong, Greg Graffin, Johnny Two Bags, Ides of Gemeni ,Craig Robinson, The Internet (OFWGKTA), Lazee, The Cigarette Bums, The Fontaines, Street Joy, Electric Children, The Dark Hawks, Serious Jones, Firstclass Roon, Mike Beats, Ginny Luke, EMM, The Detro, Black Lotus, and many more..
Listing created Jul 15, 2015